Book: Scenes from Havana, Cuba

PUBLISHED: August 2, 2012

Havana, Cuba - What a wonderful, out of this era, city this is. Visiting Havana for the first time, I was curious, thirsty to take in the many visuals this city has to offer. Colorful, animated, old, Havana is sure to offer tourists an endless source of images many thought to be long lost. From cars from the '50s to the best rhums, thickest cigars and traditional costumes, one is sure to find a good time and wonderful people.

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Book: Two Days in Paris


Paris. A city one surely thinks of visiting one day. Like most people, I always wondered what Paris is really like. Does it live up to all the hype? Is it still the city that it once surely was? Is the Eiffel Tower as great as I imagine it?

Although I had been considering it for some time, the trip to Paris happened quite suddenly. Two weeks before my 30th birthday I purchased the plane tickets and timed it so that I land in Paris the morning of my big day.

I had a total of ten days in France. The first, I spent mostly setting up, discovering the neighborhood and celebrating at night. The next three days, I traveled with my friend, host and guide Jean-Marie to the region of Ardèche and enjoyed the rainiest weekend ever.

Of the remaining days in Paris, I only had exactly two to go out and about and take pictures. This book tells the story of these two days and the city of light as I saw it.

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