Monsieur Janot

Image selections from the first book in the series "People from Around Here" (Les gens d'ici). The "People from around here" series was created with the goal to celebrate the life and accomplishments of exceptional people from different regions, professions and passions, by combining photography and intimate interviews, with a curious and thirsty focus on details and a quest for beauty in all its simplicity. Photography and narration occupy a central place in the execution of this project which seeks to be more than an ephemeral work. The project aims to celebrate in the present moment, as well capture for posterity the essence of people, their unique personality and the genius that enabled them to overcome all challenges and set themselves apart. This first volume takes us into the magical universe of the unique Mister Jeannot, who opens the doors to his workshop in Quebec's Charlevoix region and shares with us his magnetic joy of living.

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